Are our children going to drive, fly or neither?

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

How we travel is changing - self driving or flying - soon we may not be in control!

There have been a number of news articles over the last few weeks discussing self-driving cars. In some ways this is old news. We have seen the news reports for the self-driving car testing in the US, not all of it has gone to plan, but they have completed millions of test miles. There are the studies in the UK, in Greenwich and Milton Keynes and I think it was reported earlier this year that China are launching a self driving fleet of buses the size of London's fleet every 5 weeks!!!! Wow! (

Maybe in a few years, our children and certainly our children's children (our grandkids - that makes me feel old!!!) won't need to take a driving test, maybe they won't ever own a car (or whatever they are called by then).

However, maybe it will go further than that, one of the newest areas of interest seems to be flying cars and/or taxi's and automated versions of those. Some of the biggest manufacturers in the world have started to show their ideas or intentions for the future, including Airbus, Boeing, Google, Uber, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and many more.

Rolls-Royce have plans to develop a vehicle which will have vertical take-off and landing, carry 4/5 people, travel at 250mph for a range of 500 miles.


(image: Rolls-Royce)

Aston Martin, have unveiled the 'sports car for the skies', which they hope to be flying in the next 2 years!!! It is an hybrid-electric and so a step in the right direction for green travel. However, with an expected price tag of £3-5 million, it may not take over from the Ford Focus just yet!

( (image: Aston Martin)

Until flying cars become a reality and accessible to us all, we will need to use the roads. We all get fed up with roadworks especially when they are on our time critical routes (going to work etc.) or when they seem to have 'sprung up from nowhere'. That is why we created roadzwork, the app which lets you know of roadworks or emergency works on your route, before you travel.

The roadzwork app will be available shortly on iOS and will be available on Android and Windows soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for more information.


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