About us

We all love to hate roadworks.

Most of the time, the first we know about them is when we are queuing and are late for work, taking the children to school or going to miss the kick-off.


If only we had known about them before!

When we travel on long journeys we check the travel websites, set the sat-nav, or rely on radio announcements to see where to avoid.

But, on our local, regular journeys - which are quite often time critical - we just get in the car and go!

Then we get stuck!

We developed roadzwork to help keep you moving. By entering your regular, local routes into the app, and the days and times you usually travel, the app will let you know of any roadworks, emergency works or public events which may affect your route - before you travel.

Roadzwork - keeping you moving

About the app

We have developed the roadzwork app to let you know of possible delays from roadworks, incidents and emergency works prior to you travelling on your local, regular routes.


Add your routes, for example, to work, the school run or the gym; the days and times you travel and then let the app do the rest.


The app provides you with details of the works taking place on and close to your routes and shows you their location on a map so you can choose an alternative route.


Use the share button to let others know of the delay.


Roadzwork – Keeping You Moving

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